Diabetes Education

“I look at each patient as a unique individual and address each one of them as such. My practice offers diabetic education and I specialize in working with patients utilizing insulin pumps. My goal is to work with my patients to develop the best treatment plan for their individual endocrine needs and it is my pleasure to be part of their healthcare.”

- Dr. Joanne Langton

The diabetes patient education effort is meant to work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers’ recommendations, helping patients learn to optimize their medical treatment with diet and lifestyle. Class topics include normal blood sugar levels, correlating normal A1C numbers, hypoglycemia and how to treat it, implications of exercise and hydration, diet considerations such as carb counting and meal planning, diabetes medications and an overview of the diabetes disease state. 

HealthStar care coordinators have seen positive effects from patients who took the class. In 2018, 131 people attended. Of these, 80 patients had two data points for A1C before class and three months after the class, and 74% had a reduction in their A1C. 41% showed a reduction in the uncontrolled category of A1C 9 or greater. So far in 2019, of the 68 patients who attended the class and were monitored, 57% had a decrease in A1C and 25% had a decrease in the uncontrolled category of A1C 9 or greater. The results show that helping diabetic patients understand their condition helps them improve. 

Patients interested in participating in one of the free classes can sign up at their healthcare provider’s office, or through Care Coordination at 423-318-6630.

Diabetes Education Class Schedule


Meets last Tuesday of each month at

2 PM



Meets last Thursday of each month at 2 PM



Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10 AM



Meets first Tuesday of each month at 2 PM

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