Well checks and immunizations

In East Tennessee, August is back to school month. You’ve gone supply shopping and the kids are excited to return to school to see their friends and meet their new teachers. Many parents schedule back-to-school physicals for their children before entering the school doors. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to get these appointments on your calendar in the coming weeks.A well child checkup tracks a child’s development. Your doctor will discuss milestones your child may have seen in the last year as well as upcoming developmental milestones. Hearing and vision screenings can be conducted. Your doctor may also review any weight or mental health concerns. These appointments are also a great time to bring up any indications of problems with your child learning. After initial evaluation, your doctor may suggest other specialists for your child such as an optometrist to ensure your child’s vision is developing properly and fit them for glasses if needed.

Sports Physicals

If your child is planning on playing sports this school year, he or she may need a sports physical. The first part of a sports physical includes the Participation Physical Examination (PPE) form which has a variety of questions including things like: family history, past injuries, previous hospitalizations, previous surgeries, past/current illness, and medications. Completing this form includes questions asking about your child’s physical well-being during exercise. During the second part of the evaluation, your doctor will perform a physical exam checking weight, height, flexibility, strength, joints, pulse, blood pressure, vision, posture of your child, and other things. The doctor will also ask the child questions that are gender appropriate and discuss any use of alcohol and drugs.


During an annual visit, your doctor will discuss the CDC suggested immunization schedule. Certain immunizations are required for returning to school. These will need to be addressed. If you have any questions about the immunizations, you and your child’s doctor can discuss these and form a plan fitting for your child. Across all ages you will find recommended vaccines which protect against serious diseases. These vaccines cover everything from the annual flu to TDAP, which protects from tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough (pertussis), and much more. Be sure your children have annual appointments with a doctor. Discuss any developmental or learning concerns. Be your child’s advocate to ensure he or she has the proper medical care. Healthstar Physicians is a multi-specialty physicians group with 14 locations in six counties including three after hours clinics. We live and work right here in East Tennessee. We would love to provide care for your entire family including your children. Reach out to us and set up an appointment. We accept most forms of health insurance. Contact us to find out more.