Healthstar Physicians announces rapid testing for the COVID-19 virus is now available for their patients.

In order to offer the best point of care treatment to benefit patients and staff, Healthstar Physicians will implement the rapid test for COVID-19 for those exhibiting symptoms and are concerned they have contracted the virus. “The rapid COVID test allows us to know in a more timely manner whether a patient has the virus so that we better know how to proceed with treatment and can best advise him or her concerning self-care and quarantine measures,” says Dr. Eric Delay, Healthstar Board President.

Patients who expect they may have contracted COVID-19 should call Healthstar Physicians for further instructions about how to be seen and tested. Primary care providers at Healthstar may order the test but the patient must be symptomatic and within the first five days of exhibiting symptoms or who have had direct exposure. He or she can expect a nasal swab inserted into each nostril as Healthstar staff collects a specimen for testing, which will then be processed in-house for rapid return. Providers may perform flu and strep tests prior to a rapid COVID-19 test to eliminate other illnesses as potential diagnoses.

While initial COVID-19 tests have required a 3-10-day turnaround time, and often depend on the schedule and workload of the reference labs involved with delivering results, the new test can be completed much quicker.

The rapid COVID-19 test may be covered by insurance. Self-pay patients will be charged $110 for the test. “We hope the rapid testing will encourage patients to get tested who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19,” says Dr. Paul Cardali, Lab Director of Healthstar Physicians. “It’s quick, easy, and accessible.”

The rapid test is available at the After Hours Clinics including Family Practice-Morristown and The Family Practice Center-Newport. The rapid test is available in Morristown at Healthstar Family Practice, Merchants Greene Family Practice, Comprehensive Care and Wellness, and Medical Specialties. It is available in Jefferson City at Healthstar Physicians and Mountain View Pediatrics and Internal Medicine; and in Newport at The Family Practice Center, Healthstar Physicians Premier Medical, and Healthstar Internal Medicine-Newport. The rapid test is also available in White Pine at the White Pine Family Practice Center, in Greenveille at Healthstar Internal Medicine-Greeneville, and in LaFollette at Faculty Physicians. In addition, the test is available in Knoxville at Faculty Physicians.

In addition to offering rapid COVID-19 testing, Healthstar Physicians is currently accepting new patients. Appointments and information concerning services and specialties offered are available by calling the Healthstar office in your area.