Don’t ignore foot pain

There are doctors that specialize in all areas of our bodies from heart, to ear/nose/throat, and even foot/ankle. A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the lower leg and foot. This doctor is important because movement is an important part of our lifestyles. We have to walk to get places and function throughout our days; we walk and run to play sports.

What types of conditions do podiatrists treat?

You can guess quite a few conditions that these specialty doctors treat but you might not think of all the cases.

  • Fractures and sprains in the lower leg/foot. These types of injuries are probably one of the first things you think of.
  • Bunions and hammer toes are dysfunctions of the foot. A bunion is a bony bump on the base of your big toe. It causes misalignment of your largest toe and can make wearing shoes uncomfortable. A hammer toe affects one of your middle toes and bends at the middle joint.
  • Nail disorders like a fungus or an ingrown toenail. 
  • Diabetes may be a condition where your body doesn’t make enough insulin or doesn’t use the insulin your body uses correctly. This condition can have a major negative effect on your lower legs and feet. The nerves in these lower extremities can be damaged and when severe a foot might have to be amputated. By working with a podiatrist to treat symptoms early, amputations can be avoided. 
  • With the number of joints in your foot, arthritis can have a negative impact on your comfort and foot health. Working with a podiatrist can allow you to put together a plan to alleviate some of the pain.
  • Growing pains are also an area where a podiatrist can help. Many of the conditions are for adults but children sometimes need support from a podiatrist when they have strong growing pains. Working with a podiatrist to understand the cause of the growing pains can allow you to put a treatment plan together. 
  • Heel spurs can cause discomfort. Both fit people and overweight individuals can suffer from this condition. A podiatrist can diagnose the cause and help you find soles that will provide you better support. 
  • Nerve conditions like Morton’s neuroma can lead runners to have discomfort and tingling sensations. Finding properly fitting shoes can help as well as shots for inflammation and pain.

Why see a podiatrist?

Your feet are important. On average, most people walk 1,300-1,500 miles a year. With the number of bones, joints, tendons and ligaments in your feet, it is important to take care of any concerns so that you can continue to move freely. No one wants to miss out on a birthday party, a meal with friends, or a date with a loved one because you cannot comfortably walk. 

If you have toenail concerns, nerve pain in your feet, growths like warts, cracked feet, or other feet concerns, set up an appointment with a podiatrist. Among other specialties, Healthstar Physicians has a podiatry team who would love to discuss your feet and lower leg concerns. They are here to help you achieve better health.

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