Should I book myself an appointment at one?

Medical Spas are becoming more popular in recent years. They are similar to a traditional spa but go a step further. Let’s look into some of the treatments that you can receive at a Med Spa, and how they might benefit you. 

Who runs a Med Spa?

A doctor must oversee a Medical Spa. This does not mean that every treatment is done by a doctor but rather that they are under the supervision of a doctor. Most often the doctors running these spas are surgeons or dermatologists. 

What types of treatments are done at Med Spas?

There are a wide variety of treatments and environments for these types of spas. Some of these businesses focus more on relaxation while others focus on results. 

You can find traditional massages, wraps, and facials at some Med Spas. These provide relaxation to the patient and improve the skin by providing ample moisture. 

More specialized services that focus on results include Botox injections, filler, microneedling, platelet rich plasma, chemical peels, cool sculpting, dermaplaning, and obaji medical skincare. These services are not available at a traditional spa. 

Like in a traditional spa, an esthetician, which is someone who specializes in treatment of the skin, will likely conduct non-medical procedures. Medical procedures, on the other hand, are executed by someone with a medical license. 

Booking your appointment

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